Developing with ItemSense

ItemSense is a key element of the Impinj platform. It streamlines the configuration, management, and maintenance of RAIN hardware devices, and simplifies the effort to make RAIN RFID data accessible to business and consumer applications. It can be used to:

  • discover and configure RAIN readers and gateways.
  • monitor device health.
  • filter and process incoming tag data.
  • automate firmware updates.

Through its REST APIs and the ItemSense Management Console (IMC), Impinj ItemSense provides system management, intelligent event processing, and flexible data access; its event publication interface provides integration with real-time item events, reader health events, and threshold transition events.

Getting Started

To develop against the Impinj ItemSense REST APIs and event publication interfaces, you need RFID tags, at least one reader, and a provisioned instance of ItemSense. Contact if you are an Impinj partner and do not already have an instance of ItemSense.

The ItemSense Installation Guide leads you through the installation process. After installation, you must connect to Impinj ItemSense and register your reader through the ItemSense Management Console (IMC). The ItemSense Management Console Guide can walk you through this process, after which you are ready to generate item data.

Assuming that you have at least one reader paired with ItemSense and that you are operating within the default facility, you are ready to use the IMC to verify a minimal system configuration for generating item data. The following steps explain how to configure ItemSense to run an inventory job and to verify that data is generated.

  1. Navigate to the Jobs page in IMC and start an Impinj_Deep_Scan_Inventory job.
  2. Place your tags in the vicinity of the reader.
  3. From the IMC, verify that item data is displayed.

Dependent on your application, you might be required to perform further configuration and tuning. To understand the full range of capabilities offered by ItemSense, please refer to the ItemSense User Guide.

Open source client libraries

Open source client libraries are provided for Java and NodeJS on the Impinj github: