Server Recommendations

Server Resource Size
CPU core count >= 4 physical cores with hyperthreading/SMT (>= 8 logical cores) OR 8 vCPU in VM environments
CPU speed >=2.5 GHz
Memory >=16 GB, depending on the size and number of concurrent jobs being run.
Hard disk type Enterprise-grade SSD is recommended for prolonged production operation. Consumer-grade SSD is sufficient for short-term proof of concept installations
Hard disk size >= 256 GB
Hard disk speed >= 90,000 IOPS for random access, > 500MBps sequential access
Network interface Must support 1000 Mbps Ethernet
Operating System Ubuntu Linux 16.04 or Centos 7

Network Requirements

The network for an Impinj ItemSense installation consists of the components that reside within a private Customer Operated Network.

Hardware Requirements: - 1000 Mbps Ethernet Network - 802.3af PoE Switches

Port Requirements:

Direction Port Purpose
ItemSense to reader 80 Gateway discovery
51505 Reader Agent provisioning
22 SSH commands during reader registration
Reader to ItemSense 443 ItemSense Agent Protocol (ISAP) for configuration and data/health reporting
End user to ItemSense 80 REST API access
443 REST API access via TLS
5672 AMQP access
3010 IMC access
Reader and ItemSense to NTP server 123 Network Time Protocol (NTP) for clock synchronization

The bulk of the traffic within the customer-operated network consists of the communication between the ItemSense instance and the RAIN RFID gateways, as shown in the following diagram. Although the diagram below shows the IMC and ItemSense core as architecturally separate components, they are currently co-located on the same host.

ItemSense Network Requirements Diagram

Supported Readers

ItemSense supports the Turbo version of these readers: Speedway R120, Speedway R220, Speedway R420, xPortal, xSpan, and xArray.

The following table summarizes the reader modes and the readers that support each mode.

Mode ID Mode Name Readers
2 Dense Reader M4 All models support these modes
3 Dense Reader M8
5 Dense Reader Two M4
1000 AutoSet
0 Max Throughput All models except Speedway R120 and Speedway R220 support these modes
1 Hybrid
4 Max Miller
1002 AutoSet Static
1003 AutoSet Static Fast
1004 AutoSet Static DRM

Reader Power Requirements

Readers operate at the 802.11af Class 3 limit for POE power, and require that the maximum resistance of the Ethernet cable is 10 Ohms or less (for 100 meter length cable). For more information refer to the Gateway Installation and Operation Guides on support website.

Supported Firmware Versions

ItemSense is shipped with the latest Octane Reader firmware. All readers should be upgraded to this firmware version after ItemSense has been installed. Readers without the latest firmware show an alert in the ItemSense Management Console, with instructions to upgrade.

Regulatory Regions

The regulatory requirements of a region must be considered when setting a reader's RF power level, mode, and channel frequency. See the Reader Configuration section in the ItemSense Reference Guide for more details.