Octane ETK


Octane ETK (Embedded Toolkit) comprises of the cross-compiler tool chain to create a CAP (Custom Application Partition) file for running embedded applications on Impinj readers and gateways.

The Speedway R120, R220 and R420 Readers are fixed UHF Gen2 RFID tag Readers that provide network connectivity between tag data and enterprise system software. The Impinj xPortal, xArray and xSpan Gateways integrate a reader with antenna arrays for portal and wide-area monitoring applications respectively.

The accompanying Embedded Developer’s Guide provides instructions on how to configure the Speedway platform application program interface, called the Custom Application Partition (CAP). It assumes the embedded software developer is familiar with appropriate networking facilities, the EPCglobal Gen2 specification, and general principles of RFID system management.

Click here to download the Octane ETK and the Embedded Developers Guide.