Impinj IoT Device Interface Release Notes, version 1.6

This document describes the changes to the Impinj IoT Device Interface as of version 1.6, which corresponds with the 8.0 version of the overall reader firmware.

Changes are relative to the previous release, which was the version 1.5 release that corresponded to the 7.6 version of the overall reader firmware.

Breaking Changes

There are no breaking changes in this release. The base API URL is still api/v1.


  1. Support for WebHooks for data egress
    • New /webhooks/event endpoint and associated data types
  2. Support for a new Certificate Manager
    • /system/certificates/ca/certs for installing or retrieving CA certs
    • /system/certificates/tls/certs for installing or retrieving TLS certs
    • /system/certificates/tls/certs/csr for creating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
    • /system/certificates/tls/services for installing or retrieving TLS certs for a particular service
  3. New endpoints for enabling/disabling network services
    • /system/http
    • /system/https
    • /system/mdns
  4. Support for GPO configuration
    • /device/gpos
  5. Support for enabling/disabling CAP installation
    • /system/cap/installation
  6. New diagnostics endpoints
    • /system/diagnostics/debug-bundle to download a compressed set of diagnostic files
    • /system/diagnostics/watchdog-bundle to download files related to unintended system restarts, if they exist
  7. Schema clean-up
    • New /openapi.json endpoint to retrieve the full schema
    • Added a new eventType field to a ReaderEvent
    • Removed some event types:
      • InventoryTerminatedEvent
      • TagLocationEvent
      • DiagnosticEvent
    • Added a new addressMode field to a NetworkAddress
    • New fields for filterLink and filterVerification in the InventoryFilterConfiguration parameter
    • Minor changes regarding value limits:
      • New minimum (1) and maximum (25) on the GET /profiles endpoint
      • Removed minumum and multipleOf limits in the TransmitPowerCdbm parameter
      • Removed minimum and multipleOf limits in the minimumPowerCdbm field of the TransmitPowerSweepConfiguration object
      • Updated the minumum and maximum values of the stepSizeDdb field in the TransmitPowerSweepConfiguration object
      • New maximum value of 8192 on the bitOffset parameter in a TagFilter
      • startTriggers and stopTriggers have a minimum and maximum value of 1 in an InventoryRequest
      • The maximum number of bootstraps in a kafkaConfiguration is now 100


GET /profiles/inventory/presets-schema is deprecated in this release. Use the new GET /openapi.json endpoint instead, as it provides the preset schema as a subset of the overall API schema.


No endpoints were removed.