Impinj IoT Device Interface Release Notes, version 1.8.0

This document describes the changes to the Impinj IoT Device Interface as of version 1.8.0, which corresponds with the 8.2 version of the overall reader firmware.

Changes are relative to the previous release, which was the version 1.7 release that corresponded to the 8.1 version of the overall reader firmware.

Breaking Changes

There are no breaking changes in this release. The base API URL is still api/v1.


  1. Availability improvements
    • This release makes certain endpoints available even when the reader is configured to use LLRP as the RFID interface:
      • Event configuration endpoints are always available: /mqtt, /http-streaming, /kafka, and /webhook/events.
      • Event streams are always available.
      • /profiles endpoint always available, but will only report profiles if the IoT interface is selected.
      • /profiles/stop endpoint is always available, and will remove the saved Preset (now reported under /status) if the IoT interface is not selected.
  2. RFID improvements
    • Added periodic and duration triggers to inventory profile (see PeriodicTrigger and DurationTrigger).
    • Added tag population estimation algorithm parameter which is enabled by default (see InventoryRequest.tagPopulationEstimationAlgorithm).
    • Added advanced GPO controls (see GpoConfiguration).
  3. System reporting improvements
    • Added system temparature endpoint (see /system/temperature).
    • Added system utilization enpdoint (see /system/utilization).
  4. Security improvements
    • Added the ability to unassign a TLS certificate from a service (see /system/certificates/tls/services/{tlsService}).
  5. Schema clean-up
    • Additional detail for schema validation failures (see ErrorResponse.schemaError).
    • Added required properties to /status endpoint.
    • Updated descriptions to distinguish profile "configurations" (a JSON object that describes how to configure a profile) from profile "presets" (a "configuration" that is stored on the reader).
    • When the IoT interface is selected, but no region has been selected, paths will no longer return a 500 response. Endpoints that depend on RFID services will instead operate similar to as if the IoT interface is disabled.
    • New password requirements (regex pattern added).
  6. Other improvements
    • System version is now reported in semantic version format.


No endpoints were deprecated in this release.


No endpoints were removed in this release.